Build and Write Sentences - Free Printables Pack

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Build and Write Sentences - Free Printables Pack

The natural progression from early reading skills would be to familiarize kids with the correct sentence structure. This can happen simultaneously with handwriting practice. These simple sentence building worksheets have a visual clue as to what the sentence is indicating and includes both the building of sentence by cutting out words as well as writing them.

For the sentence building section, kids would need to cut out the words with scissors and paste them in the provided word slots. In the writing section, 4 lines writing template has been provided. For a start, the worksheets have sentences with only 4 and 5 words. The next step would be to remove the visual clue and hope that they are able to figure out the correct structure.

A fun acronym for remembering the rules of building a sentence can be CLAPS:

  • CL - First word of the sentence begins with a capital letter
  • AP - A sentence should end with appropriate punctuation
  • S - Spaces between words (finger spaces for beginners)

Download free printable pdfs here:

Download the complete pack below:


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