Adieu, 2020! - Thanks for the life lessons

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Adieu, 2020! - Thanks for the life lessons

Sitting at this desk on the very last day of the year, I wonder what tone to adopt for penning this letter. Year-endings always makes us reflect on the past year with a bitter-sweet feeling and feel optimistic about the next one. This year is starkly different.

Today, two feelings overwhelm me greatly - gratitude and fortitude. Thank you for supporting me over the past few months. Let's hope that even though isolation may render us alone, we never find ourselves lonely.

My new year resolution for 2021 is to survive, do whatever it takes to hold on to my sanity - read a book, take a walk at sub-zero temperatures, binge eat, drink a glass of wine, video call my mom at weird hours, cook a new recipe, bake more than we can consume, write newspaper articles, develop a new skill, basically do anything to make it to the end of the tunnel.


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