Halloween Fun - Free Printables

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Halloween Fun - Free Printables

My city of Kolkata dresses up like a queen this time of the year for Durga Pujo! But this time the celebrations are a little different. Though the sentiments are the same, the expressions are subdued and mellowed down for the greater good.

And this part of the world also puts on a costume every year, but with the deadly intention to scare the bejeebers out of one and all. But it is all in good sport and kids have the most fun. I have explained to my son that we cannot go trick-or-treating this year because of COVID. Thus, to compensate, we have put up an ugly monster wall sticker and got out all the creepy toys to set the mood for an indoors Halloween.

Every year, I enjoy working with my son on Halloween themed activity/ worksheets. and this year I have created free printables for everyone. It is highly probable that I shall add a few more (since I had so much fun creating them) but I thought of sharing these today so that you too can kick off your Halloween week in a spooky way.

This Halloween Fun free printable pack includes the following:

  1. Counting activity
  2. Matching objects with shadows
  3. Pattern activity - Guess the next object, cut and paste
  4. Read and Identify the object
  5. Tracing numbers

Download free printable pdfs here:

Download the complete pack below:


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