Holiday Cheer - Free Printables

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Holiday Cheer - Free Printables

Well, our neighbors are celebrating Thanksgiving this week and so we can officially say that the Holiday Season 2020 has started. Unfortunately, we also went into lockdown this Monday, so the holiday feeling is bitter-sweet. It is also true that we all have found little ways to live our lives rather than just survive this pandemic.

Working on building my website has given me the much needed escape from the ongoing stress of the lockdown. Since creating the Halloween printable pack was so much fun, I couldn't wait any longer before sharing the Holiday themed version of those along with a few additional worksheets to sprinkle some Christmas cheer into the study hour.

This Halloween Fun free printable pack includes the following:

  1. Coloring activity
  2. Size comparisions (Tall vs Short)
  3. Tracing numbers
  4. Same and Different
  5. Size comparisions
  6. Writing practice
  7. Counting activity
  8. Patterns - Guess the next object, cut and paste
  9. Categorization - cut and paste
  10.  Match the Shapes

Download the complete pack below:


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