Getting to know your child form/ questionnaire [Free Printables]

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Getting to know your child form/ questionnaire [Free Printables]

At last, its that time of the year we all have been looking forward to since spring. Schools are reopening, whether in-class or remote learning, it is time for our kids to go back to school. If you have visited my earlier blogs, you’d know that I have discussed getting to know your child form/ questionnaire. This year al lot of the exchange with teachers is probably going to be online, through e-mails and smart use of google drive. This form becomes even more important as you can print it out and scan and share the filled up copy with your child’s teacher for easy reference.

Like all parents preparing to send their kids to school for the first time, I attended a couple of great school prep programs. We were introduced to many resources and strategies to cope with the transition and separation, also how to prepare our children for the first day. It was in one of these sessions, where the facilitator introduced this questionnaire, and as an exercise made us fill it up. It was to be shared with my child’s teacher on the first day of school.

This is a great tool to convey certain keys facts about your children. It might be sometime before you get a chance to have a real discussion about your child with his teacher. Meanwhile, let the teacher know their likes and dislikes and in my son’s case how to help him with transitions and calming strategies have always worked to my advantage. You should be very specific and share stuff that would help the teacher break the ice, engage your child and comfort him if needed. It is a good idea to include your correct contact information and email-id in this form, even though it might already be available with the school.

If you search for this form/ questionnaire on the internet, you will be spoilt for choice. There are many versions, simple to detailed, offering varying levels of information on your child. But, one thing struck me as I navigated through these search results to pick out one for my son, that almost all of them look like an official form. Even though it is an informal questionnaire that a parent might choose to share with the teacher, all the templates looked stern and dull. So, this year I decided to make one myself that will present all the necessary information in a fun way. I have used pictures and elements as a backdrop, to give visual cues to the teacher, supplementing the written words and information. I have created two types of forms, one for kindergarten kids and one for grade one and beyond. Also, depending on your child, feel free to add on an additional page that I have prepared which talks in a little more detail. This additional page is an ode to all parents, who like me wish to equip their child’s teacher with all tips they need, setting them up for success.

  1. Getting to know your child form/ questionnaire - kindergarten
  2. Getting to know your child form/ questionnaire - grade one and above


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