How to get our kids to wear a mask?

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The summer is almost over and most of us are over this threshold of having to convince our kid why wearing a mask is crucial for their safety. First, the kids have to get used to seeing people in masks all around them.

Most kids can feel comfortable seeing people in masks, as long as adults:

  • Use simple words to explain why people are wearing masks.
  • Give kids time to look, watch, and get used to what's new.
  • Answer kids' questions.
  • Give support.

Source: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Helping Kids Get Used to Masks

Next is getting them to wear a mask. In case you have had partial success or are still struggling to get the message across, here are a few tips for you:

Straight talk

I was amused by the fact that a lot of kids, as young as three or four, have had a much-matured reaction to the COVID 19 pandemic. Their parents have sat them down and explained to them the gravity of the situation and what ways to stay safe are. To their pleasant surprise, their kids have donned the mask religiously ever since whenever they have stepped outdoors. I have heard that some of them even refuse to take them off even when there is hardly any other person around to breathe in the fresh air because it is against the “rules”.


The lure of the outside

This was the case where the first tip wasn’t effective because it was too hard for the kid to comprehend the true impact of the ongoing pandemic. So, the mask was the condition that was to be followed while stepping out. Kids are smart and they know what they want. Once they figure out that abiding by a few rules (for whatever reason) ensures their outdoor adventures to resume, they pretty much fall in line. This was and has been our approach so far with the elder one.


Sibling love

If the younger sibling loves to do whatever the older one does, this strategy is best suited for you. Letting them wear matching masks would be a fun way to encourage the younger one to wear a mask that makes him/her look a little bit more like their brother/sister. To seal the deal, take a picture and show it to the little one often with encouraging comments like “you look so grown-up”, “you look just like your sister” and “I can’t tell the both of you apart”!


All the top brands had to foresight to see an opportunity in the crisis and most of them have come up with superhero and critters themed masks. A kid who enjoys Halloween and dress-up can be inspired to wear a favorite character/ animal mask and feel like a superhero all day. We have to include them in the choice while placing the order or making the purchase.

favorite character/ animal mask


Our tiny celebrity will find it interesting in putting together her attire for the day, where mask that complements her look, is just another accessory. You would of course need her help in choosing a few sets of masks that more or less o with the rest of her wardrobe. The younger they are, the easier would be coordinating the outfits. Favorite color or the favorite pattern might do all they are looking for in a mask.

Mask with a message

This option is for our teenagers who will find it cool to sport a mask with a message for the cause they support. Raising their voice for several social issues has become a tangible reality for the woke generation. Etsy sells many personalized masks with such positive messages. Our not so little kids might also be inspired to DIY the caption/ motto on themselves.

One way or another we shall find a way to mask our kids so that their lives can return to the new normal sooner than later. Our kids have shown exemplary flexibility in adjusting to the new routines and finding their ways to deal with the sudden lockdown reasons for which they might not fully comprehend.

Though we have our masks on, let's also wear our smiles.


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