Back to school 2020

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Back to school 2020

Hey there!

This week has been one of the busiest in recent memory. Both my son and I went back to school. Yeah! This week, I have three new blog posts on quite a range of topics. Some of you are on my Facebook friend list and might have glanced through either of these.

The first one talks about my second most favourite topics - movies! I have created a checklist for stepping outside, which is for people like me that prefer to QC everything they do. And the last one if about how we can convert the daily baby/ toddler bath-time into a fun learning session. Don’t worry the I don’t take the fun out of the “fun-time”.

Stay safe. See you next week!

Family Movies that shaped my son’s formative years - Top Five must-watch
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Stepping out checklist - Kids and Adults going Back to school/ Back to work [Free Printables]
Ever since the COVID pandemic hijacked the normal rhythm of life, we have beenhumming an off-key tune. It is unbelievable how things unfolded and graduallydressing up for outdoors looks like a scene from one of the doomsday movies. Youneed to put on a mask, gloves, carry wipes to avoid touching c…
Kids Bath Time - A Fun Learning Opportunity
For babies to toddlers, bath time is the most fun time of the day. It is thetime I also look forward to as it is my true one to one time with my child.Seeing them splash around in the bathtub, gurgling and laughing is a stressbuster. In our busy schedule and dabbling ten different things throug…


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