When Halloween is all done...

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When Halloween is all done...

‌‌Now that Halloween is over, I wonder is it too premature to say that Holiday Season has set in, or do we wait till our southern Neighbours celebrate their Thanksgiving? It seems more than my kids I am looking forward to the holiday festivities to get through this winter.

But, I did enjoy making these printables inspired by the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Also, a topic that I don’t think is discussed enough or discussed early enough - building a credit history. The latest one is a fun experience sharing with a dose of research thrown in the mix.

How to build your child’s credit history?
I am a newcomer to Canada. My family moved here in 2018 as permanent residents.Before this, we had spent two years in Toronto during 2014-2016. On bothoccasions, my husband was the one with a salaried job and I was a stay-at-homemom. Having worked for several years, I was used to a lot of if not …
Why do people muddle up names?
I call my mom every other day at a designated hour to go through the sameroutine questions about food, kids, weather, and chores and I often hear heryell back at my dad shushing him as she is speaking to her son, my brother. I amso used to this that I continue speaking without batting an eyelid …
The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Free Printables Pack (Early Reading/ Pre-K/ Kindergarten)
No, I am not obsessed with this Eric Carle book! This being my second post onthe same book, it is a valid inference. Well, while discussing the book, I realized its immense potential in beingadapted as a theme for an activity/ worksheet printable pack. From the simpleconcept of numbers (1-5) to…
The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Early introduction to Metamorphosis
This book made Eric Carle the household name that he is today. Apparently, thisbook simply introduces the concept of metamorphosis to young kids in a way thatthey might be able to comprehend. The story follows the life cycle of acaterpillar from the time it hatches from an egg till the time it fo…

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