Thanksgiving 2020 - Gratitude Chart for Kids (Free Printable)

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Thanksgiving 2020 - Gratitude Chart for Kids (Free Printable)

I have been contemplating what thanksgiving would mean in 2020, amidst the onslaught of a global pandemic that has not only brought the world economy to its knees, but families across the globe have been torn apart.

Eight months have passed since this pandemic arrived at our doors. And over the anxious days and sleepless nights, we have all been through testing times. With the second wave catching momentum, we hold our breath and stare at a long wintry night. As Game of Thrones fans would say….Winter is coming!

But like so many of you I am here to tell the tale. So, amidst all the things we are missing and making do without, let us take a moment to cherish the things that really matter and the everyday comforts we still enjoy.

How do we teach this lesson to our kids?

Well, I have found writing down always helps reinforce ideas for my son and my family. I have created a very simple thanksgiving gratitude note where kids can write what they are thankful for. Ours is going up on the wall for us to revisit from time to time.

Download Gratitude Chart for Kids pdf here:

Today, I helped my son to list the things that he is thankful for. I must confess I had to intervene and change the ranking a little. A tip, the current number 4 was his number one priority!


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