Where's Spot? - A mother's quest to find her puppy

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"Where's Spot" is a classic and one of the most enduringly popular kids' books. Written and illustrated by Eric Hill. It is a story about a mother dog looking for her naughty little puppy Spot at supper time. She goes around searching every nook and corner of the house and is greeted by different wild animals. All the animals are hidden in common areas like closets, attic, rug, to name a few. Kids are also introduced to appropriate prepositions playfully through the text like "under the bed", "inside the clock", "in the piano", etc.

The text of the book is structured in a question-answer format. And there are flaps incorporated in almost every page to hide the wild animals. Kids simply love lifting the flaps to discover what's underneath. You'll notice that the book I am reading in this video has all the flaps taped in because my over-enthusiastic toddler happened to rip off all the flaps in his quest to know where's Spot. Again, this one also belonged to my older one and has made the journey from Kolkata to Toronto with us and is still here to give my younger one company.

The art of reading could possibly be the best gift you can give your child. It goes a long way in developing their imagination, vocabulary, communication skills, and knowledge. Introducing your child to the world of reading at an early age is like handing him the keys to a wonderland full of pictures, stories, and fantasy. Reading will entertain, empower, and enrich their thoughts and character all through their lives. I have always believed that introducing storytime and books to kids at an early age helps develop much more than language and vocabulary.


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