Three Little Pigs - Story Pack - Free Printables (Early Reading/ Pre-K/ Kindergarten)

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Three Little Pigs - Story Pack - Free Printables (Early Reading/ Pre-K/ Kindergarten)

For the past couple of years, I have been sourcing worksheets and activity sheets from various online education websites. There are tons of free resources. But a lot of times, the ones I like are not free to download. Also post-COVID, most of the websites that used to give out freebies have changed to pay per download format. So, today I am taking the first conscious step towards creating eductaional resources for our children.

The three little pigs story has innumerable publications, interpretations, and narratives on websites and YouTube. This printable pack comprises of:

  1. Simplified retelling of the story (with pictures)
  2. A coloring activity
  3. Story Props for the main characters (this one is for the younger siblings)
  4. Story Outline (beginning-middle-ending) worksheet
  5. Find the words (clues included)
  6. Writing practice (and tracing)
  7. Counting (and addition) game
  8. Tracing activity, which can also be used as a cutting activity (with scissors)
  9. Sight word practice

This is the first of my series on early reading/ comprehension activities. I will improvise and worksheets will improve. Do leave a comment if you would like me to include more number sense activities like patterns, addition, subtraction, and same/ different concept worksheets as well.

Hope you and your kids enjoy working on these activities.

Download free printable pdfs here:

Download the complete pack below:


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