Practising gratitude

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Practising gratitude

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend.
Thanksgiving is not the same without friends. But this year I am practicing gratitude for those breaking bread with me. COVID made me revisit what matters.
I intended to send this out on Thanksgiving Day but was waiting for my article to be published in the fall edition of the Parliament Street News, our local newspaper. A first for me being published in print.

Parliament Street News - Fall 2020 - Issue 49
This is the Fall edition of the Parliament Street News. The second last of the year, our tenth year of Publishing the content the community wants to get published.

For all those based in the US, this may set the mood for the coming days. A Holiday gratitude article and activity.

Thanksgiving 2020 - Gratitude Chart for Kids (Free Printable)
I have been contemplating what thanksgiving would mean in 2020, amidst theonslaught of a global pandemic that has not only brought the world economy toits knees, but families across the globe have been torn apart. Eight months have passed since this pandemic arrived at our doors. And over theanx…

We have a couple of bedtime story videos with the toddler. As well as my experience with improving body balance in toddlers. We also made a biking day-out video for our younger one.

Five playtime ideas to boost body balance & coordination for toddlers.
Body balance. Body coordination. Body awareness. Simple phrases that we hardlyattach much importance to while going on with our daily lives. > What is balance and coordination? Balance is the ability to maintain a controlled body position during taskperformance, whether it is sitting at a table…

Let us know how you’ve been. We wish you good health and spirits!


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