Final lap to school reopening

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Final lap to school reopening


School reopening is almost here. A lot of us have opted for remote learning. I thought of sharing a blog on the challenges of virtual classroom learning and how we could combat them. Continuing with my goal of providing free printable resources, I have come up with sticker charts for you. Stickers are excellent motivators if you wish to get the homework done without tears.

Finally, shifting my focus to the little one toddling around our home, I came up with a top five must-have products list. Let me know which products you use as a part of your baby's skin care routine.

Remote/ Online learning - challenges & probable solutions
With the rising numbers of new COVID 19 infections, the threat for a second wavelooms large on our city Toronto, our province, and the country in general. Theweather outside is increasingly feeling like fall as we bid goodbye to our daysin the sun. This year, most of us couldn’t risk a visit to t…
Sticker Chart/ Book - A tool for getting Homework Done [Free Printables]
I don’t remember my parents pleading me to do my homework or prepare for myexams. They were aware of the carrot and stick approach, but going down memorylane, I seldom find carrot being the incentive for doing my homework, instead itwas usually the fear of the stick that got the work done. The w…
Skin Care Products for Toddlers - My Top Five Must-haves
I want to talk about the little one toddling around our house as a recurringfeature in my blogs. He is all of 20-month-old and fills our hearts and homewith his incessant baby talk and antics. This blog will discuss my absolute topfive skincare products for toddlers that I simply cannot do withou…

If you feel any of these are not relevant to you, do pass it on to someone who might find it interesting or useful.



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